First Post!

Okay. This may or may not be very long, but I’m going to tell you all exactly why I’ve started A&A.

Mostly, it’s just an experiment for me, you know? Just to see if I like it, and to see if I want to stick with it. It’s always difficult for me to commit to these types of things, but I’m going to commit for at least one year. So yeah, this is going to be pretty difficult for me, but who doesn’t like a challenge? I know I do! Okay, that’s a lie. Challenging things are really hard for me.

I also started this blog because I’m starting therapy this year. While many people prefer to start YouTube channels when they’re going through things like this (I’m thinking of The Gabbie Show because I love her and she’s so strong okay leave me alone), a blog is easier for me because I love to write and I love to take pictures. Just not of myself. I’d much rather be behind the lens, where I am known but not seen.

That got really off topic oh my goodness. Okay, back to therapy.

I’m not going to say why (yet) I’m starting therapy, but I’m sure I’ll let you all know sooner or later. I hope to make this blog fun for everybody, and I will take requests on what to post! If you guys want my favorite brands or something, I’ll totally do that. Power of the People amiright.


So for now this will conclude my first post until my website is finished (who knows, it probably will never be 100% finished), but that’s okay.


Mary ❤

(Jessica & Madelyn, Summer ’16)

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