School & Riding

Hi guys!

Today was my first day back to school, and I can honesty tell you that it was okay. Now it wasn’t perfect, but school was okay today. This probably isn’t interesting to you guys, so let’s get to better stuff. 

I haven’t used my camera in a couple of weeks now, and it’s killing me. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I’m itching to take pictures again. 

I’ll explain today’s picture. It’s my best friend, Kennedy, giving my friend Nicole’s horse Scotty a kiss. It was one of the first pictures I was proud of, which is why it’s today’s picture. Because I’m proud of today and the little achievements I made. I’m happy for myself because I didn’t freak out as much as I usually do. It overall was a really good day. This picture was taken on a good day, so that’s why I shared it. 

Today, my ride on Bennett made me really happy. He overall was very supple in the bridle and listened to my cues. Now. I am not saying that he was perfect. Because he wasn’t. He did a little half rear and sometimes he wouldn’t go forward when my reins got too short for him, but that’s okay. You have to celebrate the little victories, especially with a horse like Bennett. Not a problem horse, a quirky horse. Because overall Bennett is an amazing horse and I’m so lucky to have him. I’m going to sign off and leave you guys with a picture of Bennett. 

PS- sorry it’s an iPhone picture. 


Mary ❤

(Scotty & Kennedy)

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