New Beginnings

Hello lovelies (:

As promised, I’m making this post because today was my first day with my therapist. 

I was really nervous at first, because I know my therapist on a different level (I know his wife from my old barn and had met him a couple of times) and so that had me really psyched out and distressed. However, once my mom had left, things got really relaxed. 

It was therapy today more as it was just me telling stories and letting my therapist get to know me, which was extremely eye opening, because I learned some things about myself as well. 

Guys, I guess the point of this post is to tell you all that therapy doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It doesn’t have to be something you dread. After today I can tell you honestly that I do have issues that need fixing, and that I’m really looking forward to therapy. I think it will be extremely beneficial for my mental and social health, as well as my overall wellbeing. As always, I love you all, and please don’t be afraid to come to me and just vent. My therapist was telling me about the P/T Confidentiality agreement. If you choose to come to me, I will honor the same thing. 



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