Week in Review

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while (>.<).

So I figured I’d just recap my week (: 

Monday and Tuesday were awesome, they were my last couple of days off school. I believe I went to see Bennett on Tuesday, but I honestly can’t remember. Wednesday was my first day back, and it went a lot better than I thought. I met my new teachers (student teacher in Honors English, new teacher I RWS, new teacher in Spanish II) and they’re all pretty cool. Thursday started out rough, because I completely embarrassed myself in English, but it’s okay because then I saw Bennett and he was so good <3. Friday was great because yay! Weekend! Honestly I can’t remember if I went to see Bennett or not, but let’s just say I did. Saturday was amazing and chill, even if I didn’t go see my pony. The roads were bad, so we didn’t bother. I did however get my hair cut, and you probably couldn’t even tell the difference because I always have them take off bare minimum. And today was fun because my dad came home from Cali and we just finished playing Clue (spoiler alert I lost). Tomorrow I’m going to see Bennett and it’s my first day of therapy, so I’ll update you guys on that afterwards (:



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