Disaster Strikes

Yes, you read that right. Disaster (of course) has to find me within the first month of the new year. A couple of days ago, when I went out to the barn, the owner had to inform me of my brilliant horse and what he did to his stall. You see, how part of our barn is set up, a couple of the stalls are attached to a stall that has a paddock. So in my case, it was Bennett’s stall, Jessica’s stall, and then a paddock. Well. My brilliant horse (keep in mind he only has shoes on his front hooves) managed to kick the steel door frame away from the cement wall. Cement. Wall. He cut up his leg a bit (nothing bad, pretty much just surface wounds), but he’s been completely sound. What a psycho. 

Then today, while I was riding him (first day back since Monday because I gave him Tuesday off to be sure, Wednesday was my dad’s birthday, and yesterday my mom was very invested in Fox News), he spooks at a shadow (?), bucks, then starts galloping around like a psycho. I lost my left stirrup but somehow I stayed on. Don’t ask me how, but I did. 
I’m going out to the barn early tomorrow, and I think it will be a dressage day (mostly because I’m too lazy to keep dragging my jump tack out to the barn), so we’ll see how that goes. 


Mary ❤
Moxie & Kennedy

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