Story time!

Hi guys!

So, I’ve been feeling pretty down lately (hence the lack of blog posts), so I figured, “hey, you can’t go wrong with a story time.” And here I am!

The day I met my best friend, it was 90 degrees (the high was like 100 or something ridiculous), and it had been a long, sun filled day. 

I was at Breyerfest, a model horse convention (giant get together?) where hobbyists literally come from all over the world to shop and show these plastic horses. I was at the Clarion, trying to find my friend Erika’s room. I was looking down, texting (don’t text and walk it’s dangerous), and literally ran into this poor girl. Me being me, I’m immediately embarrassed and pretty much sobbing. After I said I was sorry, we kind of just split ways. That was in July of 2015. Fast forward to December and I find the girl on Instagram! So I of course follow her and DM her explaining who I was. We immediately hit it off. 

And I guess that’s pretty much the story of how I met my best friend. She’s amazing and I love her so much, shout out to Collyn ❤

So yeah guys, I’ve been feeling pretty down and alone lately, but I think that’s just because I haven’t been to therapy in 2 weeks (the earliest they could fit me in again is this coming Wednesday, and then it’s consistently going to be on Monday’s), but I feel just kind of mad and I’m not sure. 

As always, I love you all.

-Mary ❤
Jessica & Madelyn

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