Florida 2017


Hi guys (: It’s been a while! I didn’t want to post for a bit because I went to Rocking Horse II and I wanted my new post to be a picture from it! I think overall they turned out pretty well, actually. I got to meet @skipperdoodlefritz (JJ Sillman), and she was so nice to me and I  loved her. The first thing she said to me when I met her was, “Does your phone have any bars?!” because on cross country, you’re pretty much in the middle of a forest. I also met the fantabulous Cora and Ava Severs (@eventing_cuervo and @ruby.and.ava.eventing on instagram) and I just loved it.

Now, instead of ranting, let’s actually get something done. Recently, I’ve had a lot to think about in regards to riding. Bennett has become extremely bad with his head when I’m riding him, to the point where it gets a little unsafe sometimes. It’s discouraging to say the least. My parents told me that they would buy me another horse, but is that what I really want? No, not really.

I’d rather work at it. I’d rather work for my success than buy it. I bought Bennett knowing that his dressage wasn’t great, his jumping was just okay, and his personality was golden. I can’t even imagine doing this with any other horse.

I figured that if anyone reading this wanted to see/meet me, I’d put my event schedule up, so look for that in the next post. Thanks, loves ❤


Mary ❤


(Hannah & Zen, Rocking Horse II ’17)

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