Rolex 2017

Oh my goodness! Hey guys! It’s been forever! So sorry about that. Anyways, I figured I’d give y’all a little bit of an update, and some exciting news. 

1. I’ll be attending my first Rolex this year (yay!!), and I’d love to meet some of you ❤

2. I’m getting a new jump saddle, so my current one will be for sale within the next month or so.
I feel like there was more news but oh well. I’m going to try and get a BUNCH of pictures at Rolex and try and get some new topics/ideas so that I can post more often. I just really haven’t had the motivation. I’m thinking of doing a “My Equine Essentials…” or something along those lines. What do you think? 

I’ve been at the barn quite a lot recently, gearing up for the season, and I think during May, every weekend, I’ll be trailerinf up to Huntley to get jump lessons with my coach up there, until Zach (Zachary Brandt Eventing) comes back for the summer. 

I’m feeling really confident in Bennett and I’s dressage for this year, so I hope the scores really reflect that. It’s always going to be a trial and error with him, I swear. 
Okay, that’s all I have ❤



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