About Me

Hello and thank you!

Hi, I’m Mary Leahey, founder of Appy’s and Apertures. A&A (as of right now) is owned and run completely by me, so I apologize if anything is unprofessional and/or incorrect. Every picture on this website I have taken, and I’m proud of my work so please don’t steal it! Alright, here are some facts about me:

-I’m 14 years old

-I’m in High School

-I own an Appaloosa x TB named Bennett, who is my inspiration for this business

-We event, so I’ll let ya’ll know what events we go to (:

-I live in Central Illinois (aka a super boring area that is basically all cornfields)

-I have a twin

-I love to travel!

You can usually reach me through my email (it will be on the contact page), just make sure to put “A&A Reader” in the subject line. Oh, and I’m usually always on Instagram (if that’s a fact, I really don’t know).